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A key benefit of being a thINK member is the ability to participate in thINK virtual workshops. thINK Virtual Workshops are led by industry experts. To keep these workshops interactive and collaborative, space is very limited, so grab your spot now and come prepared to share your camera and participate in live, dynamic discussions. 
Please note: You must be a thINK member to participate in the workshops. thINK membership is free — and exclusive to — Canon Solutions America inkjet customers. Not yet a thINK Member? Request membership now.


Workshop #1

Digital Sales Fundamentals

Tuesday | April 9, 2019 | 2:00 pm EST

This virtual workshop introduces you to digital/inkjet printing sales by uncovering the keys to your success while sharing best case practices. Starting with an assessment of your current selling skills, it combines instruction with live input and commentary from its participants. You will stay engaged and alert, not only learning but also teaching and sharing information and experience. If you have been selling digital/inkjet printing for less than 5 years, this will be the best primer to take your sales to the next level and turn you into a pro.  If you are more of a seasoned pro, this will give you everything you need to re-energize your sales practice, recommit to the fundamentals, and help you fall back in love with your job. Pre-Workshop Prep: You’ll be sent a Sales Assessment Test to complete prior to the event. Be prepared to be called on for live participation!

You will learn:

  • The single most important skill a digital/inkjet sales rep can have

  • Your digital/inkjet sales strengths and areas for improvement

  • The objections sales people are hearing and how to beat them

  • Why engaging a prospecting process is critical

  • The single most important characteristic a digital/inkjet sales rep can have

  • What others are saying to gain appointments

Workshop #2

Advanced Strategies for Digital/Inkjet Sales Success

Thursday | May 2, 2019 | 2:00 pm EST


You are no longer a digital/inkjet sales rookie and you are feeling pretty good about yourself (good, but not great). You are conversant in the language of digital/inkjet printing and able to “talk the talk” with clients and prospects. In other words, you understand the basics. Asking qualifying questions in order to uncover applications no longer intimidates you. This virtual workshop gets you to the next level by arming you with advanced engagement tactics. It discusses practices the best of the best understand and follow in order to move up from the “Quote” stage of the job to the “Design” stage. These programs are part learning and part teaching where opinions and input is sought and provided by its participants. Pre-Workshop Prep: You’ll be sent a set of questions to consider prior to the event. Be prepared to be called on for live participation!

You will learn:

  • The best vertical market targets for digital/inkjet printing

  • Key decision-makers within a company and how to reach them

  • Tips for shortening the sales cycle

  • How to create a personal marketing campaign for digital/inkjet


Workshop #3

The Master Class

Thursday | September 5, 2019 | 2:00 pm EST

It’s time to get a master’s degree in selling digital/inkjet! It’s time to tackle the really complex concepts like selling to the C-Suite, pursuing those life-changing major accounts, negotiating like a boss, and taking your public speaking to the Ted Talk level. We’ll talk growth mindset, and help use the concept of transformation to take your sales practice to a place you never thought possible. Having sold digital/inkjet printing for years, your goals now are to refine your skills, increase your sales productivity, and learn new applications. If this describes you, this virtual workshop will deliver. Pre-Workshop Prep: You’ll be sent a set of questions to consider prior to the event. Be prepared to be called on for live participation!

You will learn:

  • How information from the digital equipment vendor can land you at the top of the sales leaderboard

  • Applications. Applications. Applications.

  • How to create sales annuities

  • Powerful situational sales opportunities for digital/inkjet

  • C-Level Selling

  • Major account acquisition